Follow your heart, and do what you love!  So if you love books, here’s a list of jobs that would be best for you!


Yes, this is probably the most obvious one. For the book lover in you, libraries are probably your personal heaven on earth. So why not work there? But remember, it’s not all about wearing glasses and having a demeanor like Irma Pince. You need to have a degree to be a librarian.


Apart from the love of reading, if you have skills in writing and researching, then consider being an archivist. This person identifies, preserves, and organizes valuable documents. Many employers require you to have masters in library sciences to successfully frame and record historical documents.


An editor plays an important role in shaping a book to become a success. Editors are also tasked with convincing publishers that they should take on the book, and an editor-in-chief manages an entire team.


As the name implies, a copy editor is a type of editor. If you love reading and correcting people’s mistakes, then become a copy editor. This person’s primary job is to look at text and improve its syntax and confirm its accuracy.


Yes, you guessed it! It’s about working for publishing houses. Publishing houses go through many manuscripts and decide what should be published. They also deal with the cover design and the marketing aspects. If you love books but have a creative style with a panache for business, then this job is perfect for you!


What could be better than getting paid to read books? That’s what a reviewer does. Whether you work for a publishing house or start a book blog, you’ll be reading books. And frequently, these books won’t be available to other readers for months.


Do you want to make a mark in the literary world? If yes, then become an agent. As an agent, you represent writers, so you basically try to make their books as successful as possible by facilitating the publishing process and being their advocates. It’s important to note that this job is for people who also have a business mindset.

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