Just because you’re a good person, it doesn’t mean that life will always go according to plan. It might be filled with adversity, hardship, and struggle, but at the end of the day, you will manage to survive somehow. So to keep you motivated, here are 10 little ways to find hope in your darkest moments.

1. Relive old memories.

Whenever you feel broke or your present is filled with pain, escape to your past. Call up your dear ones to reminisce about good memories. You were happy once, and you’ll be happy again.


2. Read inspirational quotes.

Look to others to guide you when you feel low. Read through inspirational quotes, and share them with your family and friends. Set motivational words as your screensavers. By using this method, you will feel motivated every time you turn on your laptop.

3. Do something physical.

Yes, we know it’s not easy to be motivated when you are clinging onto hatred and bitterness. But engage yourself in some physical activities such as karate or kickboxing to release your pent-up aggression. Once you’re relaxed, it’s easier for you to find hope again.


4. Write an uplifting story.

You can really find hope in your own words, and that’s why it’s advisable to write an uplifting story about someone who has gone through an intense struggle and still managed to achieve their goals. Get inspired by your own characters.

5. Talk to someone you trust.

Even if someone is happy all the time, deep down, she may also be suffering. She may be going through a phase just like you, and you will not learn this until you have a conversation with her. So try to talk to someone you trust, as you never know when you might find hope in each other’s eyes.


6. Use your children as motivation.

When you feel hopeless, just look around you. If you can’t make the future better for yourself, at least give it a try for the sake of your children. Then they’ll have a better life and can do all the things they always wanted to.

7. Embrace your spiritual side.

Reading scripture can also give you hope. Go to church, join a charitable foundation, become a part of any community, and try to embrace your spiritual side.


8. Spend time in nature.

Take a walk in the fresh air and admire the beauty of Mother Nature. While walking on the soft grass, remember that you are also part of nature and connected to it. Don’t forget, you are beautiful the same way everything around you is.

9. Listen to music.

Don’t listen to dreary songs, as they’ll only cause you further depression. Rather, listen to uplifting music that inspires you to take required actions.


10. Visualize the future.

Think about all of those changes that you want to make in your life, and visualize your future. Visualization is the first step towards changing your future.

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