Sometimes, it happens that you feel sad, broke, and disappointed with your life. You get hurt by rejections, fake promises, betrayals, and lies. So what do you do in this situation? Blame the universe and wonder why the world is full of cruel people, right? But when you travel through different places and see people living their lives normally, you realize that you were wrong.

So instead of blaming others, you should forgive yourself.

For coming back to the people who broke your trust and did nothing to fix it, you should forgive yourself. Embrace your self-worth. When they don’t appreciate your presence anymore and are not affected by your absence, you should stop crawling back to them. Be courageous by walking away from the people who don’t respect you. So instead of watering dead roses, you should plant new ones, right?

Forgive yourself for keeping expectations about people. Remember, you can’t change people, and you can’t force them to stay with you forever. You should be your own savior, as people are temporary. They might leave, but you will always be there for you. So pick yourself up and move forward.
Forgive yourself for taking those sincere people for granted, as you were trying to change the wrong ones. Look around, and be with people who really care about you and accept you the way you are.

There is no need to feel guilty whenever you leave people behind. You should have the courage to tell them the truth if you are no more comfortable with them. Leave the relationships behind that no longer make you a better person.

Forgive yourself for being the way you are!

For letting your heart break because of your expectations towards others, forgive yourself. Also forgive yourself for the bad decisions and mistakes you made in your life. Don’t blame yourself for the bad relationships that didn’t work out. Stop trying to fix broken things, and don’t compare your life to others. Be thankful for the things you have, and love your flaws.

Whenever life turns against you, love yourself even more. Don’t blame yourself for the things not going according to plan, and don’t regret yourself for making wrong decisions.

Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. It’s completely okay if you broke your promises or broke someone else’s heart. Human beings make mistakes, and you don’t have to blame yourself as long as you strive to become a better person.

In the end, you might not have control over everyone, but you know that you will always be enough for yourself, right?

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