Be it your first job interview or first PTA meeting, your body language says a lot about you and your personality. Of course, no matter where you go, you want to leave a long-lasting impact on others, right?  So here are 8 body language tips that you should try out.

1. Perfect your posture

Always stand or sit up straight, but not so straight that you look uncomfortable or rigid. Engage your core, pull your shoulders slightly back, and hold your head high.

2. Strike a pose

Take inspiration from a superhero, and stand with your chest open. Place your hands on your hips. Avoid putting them near your mouth or face, as that posture makes you look self-conscious and nervous.

3. Unless you’re in a group, don’t cross your arms.

According to science, when you cross your arms, you’re forced to engage both sides of your brain, which makes it easier for you to solve problems and stay focused.
However, when you’re in a one-on-one conversation, crossing your arms indicates that you’re shutting yourself off. But in a group, it depicts that you’re listening carefully.

4. Make eye contact.

This tip is all about maintaining balance. Staring may convey that you’re creepy, whereas not maintaining eye contact shows a lack of interest. So while talking to a person, maintain steady periods of eye contact. Then when formulating your thoughts, look somewhere else.

5. Lean in

Just like maintaining eye contact, leaning in also requires restraint. Slightly tilt your body towards the person you’re talking to, but don’t encroach on his personal space. No one likes someone who stands too close to them, but a subtle leans depicts that you’re interested in the conversation. As a rule, if you can smell the capsicum he had for lunch, then you’ve gone too far.

6. Use props wisely

If you feel comfortable holding a cup of coffee in your hands, then you must remain aware of where you hold the cup. Hold it near your waist, not near your mouth or eyes. If you do the latter, it seems like you’re putting a physical barrier between yourself and the other person you’re having a conversation with.

7. Talk with your hands

As per studies, your thinking process improves when you talk with your hands. It also shows that you believe in what you’re saying, and makes you look credible.

8. Be a copycat

Copy the motions of the person you’re having a conversation with. When you do so, it signifies that you agree with him, and you’re both on the same team. But don’t be too obvious about it, or it could be interpreted as being weird.

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