Nowadays, travelling has become much easier. Even when you’re on a low budget, AirBnb and hostels are available. There is no doubt that these options are super convenient, but there are still several factors that you should keep in mind before checking into one.

Be it cleanliness or safety, there are several things that first-time travelers might not know about. So here is a list of few little things you must be aware of to have a safe, comfy stay in one of these accommodations on your next vacay!

1. There’s a chance that the hostel might be in a shadier place than advertised online.

2. If possible, take your own sleeping bag.

3. ‘A few minutes’ walk’ from a landmark is rarely accurate.

4. Carry room fresheners with you.

5. Read reviews about the hostel on social media.

6. Even if the advertisement says that a room can accommodate five people, it may not really be able to.

7. Any random person could be your roommate.

8. Stay at a place that has free Wi-Fi.

9. Always keep overhead expenses in your budget.

10. You might have to shed a little extra money to store your belongings.

11. See the room before checking in.

12. Try to stay in women-friendly hostels.

13. Check out the hostel rules before checking in.

14. Some home-stays might have curfews.

15. You might have to pay hotel taxes.

16. The hostel owner may ask for extra money.

17. Checkout policies are different at different places.

18. Some places don’t do background checks.

19. Check in every corner and behind mirrors and curtains for hidden cameras.

20. If possible, check the locks on the windows and doors.

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