No words can describe the sheer joy of diving into biryani with soft potatoes or perfectly boiled eggs that are not too hard or runny. So if you are also a biryani lover, then here are the 10 best places that you must visit to get amazing biryani in Kolkata.

1. Nizam’s

Nizam’s is famous for its beef biryani. You will rarely find any empty seats here, as it is situated in the busy New Market area. Even though this place has no real ambience, everyone who passes it is drawn in because of its aroma. Don’t forget to try their kathi rolls.

2. Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz has a chain of restaurants. The oldest one is at the Mullick Bazar Crossing, and they have several restaurants all over the city. They have been serving people in Kolkata since 1970, and their chicken chaap biryani is a must-have.

3. Zeeshan

As compared to your average biryani, Zeeshan’s biryanis are greasier and spicier. So visit this place when you are not on any kind of diet, super hungry, and can handle spices. Have reshmi kababs with the biryani to satisfy your hunger pangs.

4. Aminia

Be it their old-fashioned interior or white serving plates, Aminia hasn’t changed since it first opened. Similar to any other joint, Aminia has several restaurants all over the city, so you can always hop into the nearest one whenever you feel hungry. Rezala is the specialty of Aminia, and it’s served with gravy, which you can also drink like soup.

5. Aafreen Biryani House

This little takeout joint is situated near the 3A bus stop in Thakurpukur. They have only two items on their menu: chicken chaap and chicken biryani. Both items are worth trying.

6. Biryani House

Biryani house is situated behind the busy Hogg market area in New Market. This place is not posh at all, so their prices are super low. But the food is mouthwatering, and the service is extremely quick.

7. Zam Zam

Zam Zam restaurant has two outlets: one in Kidderopore and another in Park Circus. Be it mutton, chicken, or beef biryani, every item is incomparable. They serve their biryani with a yogurt-based drink called Burhaani, which helps with digestion.

8. New Aliah

Located near Paradise Cinema in Esplanade, new Aliah serves one of the best biryanis in the city. It is a noisy place, but why would that matter when you are busy in eating the amazing biryani? Try their mutton tikka with biryani.

9. Royal Indian Hotel

The biryani at the Royal Indian Hotel is legendary. It doesn’t contain potatoes or eggs, but they taste so good you won’t notice. Order a biryani with chicken reshmi malai kofta or murgh musallam, and thank us later.

10. Haji Saheb

Located in Diamond Harbour Road, Haji Saheb also serves North Indian and Chinese cuisine. People from faraway places visit Haji Saheb just to have their delicious biryani.

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