Your own kitchen, the perfect AC temperature, and pajamas all day. Working from home is nothing less than living the dream, right? Plus, now when you’re saving on your travel time, you can finally write a novel, get a six-pack, or reorganize your closet.

But the reality is that working from home without going totally crazy needs discipline, organization, and a few tricks. So here are 8 amazing tricks to work from home without losing your mind.

1. Create a dedicated office space

Yes, we know that lying in bed all day long is very comfortable. But trust us, when you have a dedicated office space, you’ll be much more productive. So a converted loft with sweeping views would be ideal, but even a kitchen counter will be useful. And don’t forget to splurge on an ergonomic office chair.

2. Define working hours

Now, when you’re cutting down on the commute time, it doesn’t mean that you can sleep till noon. Thus, it’s necessary to define working hours. Obviously, working an hour or two on weekends doesn’t count. Stick to a normal workday schedule, and keep your body clock in check.

3. Get dressed

Okay, you can ditch your heels by slipping into something comfortable, but stay away from the sweatpants because you’re in work mode, right? Plus, no Netflix and chilling. According to science, wearing formal attire increases your confidence and boosts abstract thinking. Now you know why it’s called ‘dressing for successes.’

4. Do work, not chores

So you started with a little load of laundry, and before you know it, you’ve already spent the whole day reorganizing your bookshelf and defrosting the freezer. So save all these household chores for weekends and focus on your work.

Moreover, you can save the chores for your kids. As per the research of the University of Mississippi, children who do chores become successful adults.

5. Take breaks

Be it a quick trip to your favorite coffee shop or going for a walk in park, take breaks every couple of hours. Yes, staying away from office politics is good, but human interaction is also important. You can also check out free apps like ‘Stand Up!’ to stretch your legs, or ‘Focus Keeper’ to take mini mental breaks.

6. Set goals

Since there is no manager to check in on your progress, that’s why setting a few short and long-term goals for yourself is quite important. Using this method, you will be more productive, and your career will also move in the right direction. Create a to-do list before starting your day, and for long-term aims, schedule a progress meeting with yourself once a month.

7. Snack smart

There’s no harm in grabbing a bite between shifts, but if you wouldn’t eat a full bowl of ice cream at the office, don’t do that at home either. Keep healthy bites on standby for whenever you crave snacks.

8. Leave work at the office

There’s no doubt that one of the perks of working from home provide flexibility, but keep your personal and professional live separate. So at the end of the day, shut down your laptop, clean up your workspace, and don’t think about tomorrow’s work.

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