There was a time when a face powder was just a face powder, but in these changing times, it’s more complicated than that. Ask any store attendant for a face powder, and she’ll tell you the names of different setting powders, translucent powders, and HD powders.

But do you know which one you should buy, or do you even know the difference between them? To help you stay informed, here is everything you should know to find the perfect face powder for you.

1. Loose powders

Loose powders have a finer consistency, and smaller particles are present in them. So it becomes difficult to carry loose powders around. When used as a foundation, they give a porcelain-like effect and a lightweight coverage. You can also use them to correct makeup mistakes.

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2. Pressed powders

Pressed powders are used on top of liquid foundation and come in a compact. Ingredients present in this powder turn into a semi-solid form. As compared to loose powders, they provide less coverage, but they can be used for quick touchups during the day. Use it with a light hand, as applying it too much can result in a cake-y appearance. Dampen a makeup sponge, and pat it over the skin to make your powder invisible.

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3. Setting powders

To get rid of pores, shine, and blur lines, setting powder is used post-foundation. These powders can be translucent or tinted, and they provide a flawless matte finish.

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4. HD Powders

These powders are perfect for celebrities and artists, who face the camera on a regular basis. They’re usually finishing powders. They create a soft, flawless effect on the skin by masking imperfections and fine lines.

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